Taking Care Of Your Church & Heritage

You do go to church each and every Sunday of the year don’t you? You don’t. Oh well, but no matter. Perhaps you are one of those who go to Shul every Friday. Or perhaps you are one of a growing number that go to the local Mosque after the call to come and pray and worship has been issued. Or you could be one of those that go to the temple. You are among a minority but you are most certainly a very important part of a rich cultural heritage. It is one of the enduring aspects of your country’s heritage.

No matter what others may say, your country has always been accepting of a multitude of cultures and religions. If you are a Christian pastor, there may come a time when your old church needs a church steeple repair job done. And what about the dome atop your mosque or temple? Same necessity. Repair work needs to be done. The place of worship must be restored to its previous glory in order to reflect the greater glory of your maker.

Fund raising drives are the order of the day. Such bespoke work does not come cheaply. And you are, of course, a registered not for profit organization in a manner of speaking. The irony of today’s secular life. Money is needed in order to maintain the spiritual life. Oh well, but you and your flock do not really mind. It does mean a lot to you all to have your structures of worship looking beautiful. But you do not pray you say.

church steeple repair

You are not religious? No matter. That too is your cultural right, but even you can look with splendor at the beauty of your public institutions, just newly restored.